Between painting and Abdelilah Chahidi, it’s 37 years of love and passion. This visual artist born in Casablanca in 1959, who lives and works in Mohammedia, has been ambassador of Mondial art Académie in France since 2017 as an academic officer in recognition of his rich career in more than one way.


Laureate of the School of Fine Arts of Casablanca and the Regional Pedagogical Center of Rabat, the alchemist, as his contemporaries and art critics from here and elsewhere like to call him, has several exhibitions to his credit. in the four corners of the world, doubled by distinctions and prizes. We can cite the example of the consecrations he obtained, in the Italian city Lecce, at the end of 2017, by the International Academy of Arts: the “Prix Guerrieri di Riace” (The Warriors of Riace) for his artistic career, and the “Victor Hugo Prize” for women’s rights.

Note also that the plastic artist Abdelilah Chahidi gleaned the grand prize in the “surrealist painting” category for the “best Arab plastic work in the world” competition (the world trophy for Arab creators) within the framework of the International Arts Forum. plastics “Art London International Exhibition & Awards” initiated by the world body for creative awards Arabs Group.

a journey full of pride

the alchemist

The Moroccan artist Abdel-ilah Chahidi is Considered to be a major figure of the new sensitivity. He was able to present sceneries filled with fantastic and marvelous energy by using luminous colors as well as contrasts, <<nay, conflicts of matter>> as the talented artist calls them, such that some of his artworks seen in broad daylight have their aspects completely transformed by night, showing off an even more amazing spectrum of colors. Knight of the Mondial Art Academia, this gifted researcher in the field of art is hypersensitive, motivated by his goal of finding the perfect way to represent the female body, he has captured and presented in his artworks with alchemical colors a beauty both apparent and latent.

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